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Thyrogard (30 Day Supply)

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I have been taking this for about 3 weeks, missing a dose here and there. Here is what ive noticed. (1) Weight loss, same diet as the previous 3 months but finally some pounds have started dropping. (...

By Amy Schulman

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I think I am noticing a little bit of a difference in my mood. I feel a little less foggy but nothing earth shattering. I think I will keep taking it but I am not sure for how much longer

By Carlie Roberts

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I started taking these as I began my journey in intermittent fasting. I think they have really helped me since I don't feel run down or have any headaches. Loving them so far.

By Carol W.
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I am feeling a huge difference after taking this product for a few weeks. I hadn't been sleeping well and had felt tired every day the last few months. My sleep has become much deeper and more normal since I started taking this, and I'm feeling my regular energy return, What a terrific product!

By Irving R.
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Gave me more energy. Helped with weight management.

By Lionel C.
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I have been experiencing thyroid issues for the last few years with no help from doctors. Most recently, an unexplained weight gain, joint pain, complete loss of energy and hair loss!!! I found out, sadly, this is quite common in the medical community, which is what led me to discover the natural help with this product. It's been about 3 weeks and I am already feeling a huge improvement in energy and weight loss! Excellent product, don't hesitate to try it!

By Annette B.
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This is an excellent health supplement that offered immediate results! I suffer from a number of autoimmune issues. Although I usually make my own health supplements, my spinal injury has slowed me down, so I've had to purchase various supplements online. This supplement is one of the best ones I've ever tried! It's effective, the capsules are easy to swallow, and the price is affordable.

By Kacie B.
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Doctors just won't tell you about how common thyroid problems are. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, and I don't think they cared. It wasn't an interesting topic that I was constantly tired and gaining weight. They just told me I was getting older, and all my numbers were within the "normal" range. I tried this product as a last ditch effort, and it is a life saver!

By Margot H.
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Feel great. Went from depressed and crying to feeling great. Doctor had given me a script but the side effects terrified me. Thyrogard has made a huge difference in how I feel and react to stressful daily issues.

By Gabriella Q.
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I definitely feel like this is helping. I have been taking for about two weeks. This in combination with other healthy behaviors helps me to regulate my thyroid.

By Margaret Daniel
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Even after just one dose, I felt an instant improvement in my condition. After taking it daily, I feel more focused and cognitively aware. I have more energy and motivation, my mood has improved, I feel calmer, less stressed (particularly in the face of a current ongoing stressful situation), and better balanced. After a little more time, I noticed some stubborn weight beginning to come off as well.

By Rachel Heller
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I have had a thyroid problem for most of my life. I had been taking pills for it for a long time but

By Gordon Olson
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