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Thyrogard (30 Day Supply)

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I have been taking this for about 3 weeks, missing a dose here and there. Here is what ive noticed. (1) Weight loss, same diet as the previous 3 months but finally some pounds have started dropping. (...

By Amy Schulman

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I think I am noticing a little bit of a difference in my mood. I feel a little less foggy but nothing earth shattering. I think I will keep taking it but I am not sure for how much longer

By Carlie Roberts

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Product arrived on time and really helped my wife's energy level.

By Brook W.
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Finally I have found the things in this supplement that I have been needing. I have energy all day, and I feel like I am keeping my mind on task much better now. Highly recommend!!

By Leann W.
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This no work for me

By Favoila O.
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I really like this product. I feel I have more energy. I am taking this along with some vitamin gummies. I have been on thyroid meds for over 15 years. My metabolism is very sluggish. I feel this product helped give me more energy to make it through my days. I find I am not sleeping on the job. I have a doctors appt in sept. Hoping to get blood work and see if it is actually working.

By Grace N.
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I did some research and was so encouraged by the reviews that I read about Thyrogard.. I felt a positive difference from the first day of using it! I have more energy, so much more clarity, sleep better, and just generally feel better. I'm so grateful to get to have another bottle to use. Thank you!

By Kylie K.
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So far so good! I have had a very stressful month and found that my energy level seems to be better than it was. I just opened my second bottle, hopefully I continue to see good results.

By Naomi E.
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This is my third month taking Thyrogard, and I have seen an increase in my energy level during the day, as well as sleeping better at night. I get up earlier, and have much more energy all day. It took a couple of weeks for this transition, but now I never go without taking my two Thyrogard capsules every morning. Great product.

By Chris D.
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I have tried quite a few supplements for adrenal fatigue & thyroid support. This one is the first one that I have found that is a combination (the reason I chose to try it) & that I could literally feel a difference in how I felt almost immediately! I thought it was "all in my head", but I forgot to take it 2 different days, & I definitely could tell! This will be my go-to from here on out!

By Evelyn Mayer
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This product was a welcomed relief to my over extended hormones. My stress and agitation were calmed as if i received the most comforting hug. Thank you for making such a quality over the counter product.

By Rose Macejkovic
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Worked better than I expected it too. I had constant migraines for hours and my skin would itch really bad all day. Since starting this product my issues have gone away and if they do come back, its very minimal.

By Rose T.
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