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Thyrogard (30 Day Supply)

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I have been taking this for about 3 weeks, missing a dose here and there. Here is what ive noticed. (1) Weight loss, same diet as the previous 3 months but finally some pounds have started dropping. (...

By Amy Schulman

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I think I am noticing a little bit of a difference in my mood. I feel a little less foggy but nothing earth shattering. I think I will keep taking it but I am not sure for how much longer

By Carlie Roberts

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I've been using regularly for the last few months and am happy with the results and product.

By Jaime O'Hara
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I did not really notice the effect of Thyrogard until I ran out and wasn't taking them. I feel an amazing energy boost and have actually been losing weight with this product combined with the keto diet. I'm very happy with this product and will continue to buy.

By Lance B.
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I was skeptical, but I reasoned that the same ingredients across so many products might add up to something. I'm glad I took the chance. Mmy sleep improved, and my daytime alertness seems to be calmer as a result. I've studied the ingredients for a clue as to why they work with no clear insight, but they have worked, and that's what I bought them for.

By Veronica Dickens
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Really liking the product so far. Taking it for thyroid support. It seems to be helping my weight loss efforts and I hope to see more positive changes with time.

By Marlow Kihn
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Less lethargic. Helps to keep any feelings of stress at bay.

By Dan Ferry
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This is a placeholder review. I just received the product and will be giving it a thorough and honest review over the next 30 days until the end of the money back guarantee. I will report back with my findings upon the conclusion of my 30 day trial.

By Marlon B.
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I have been faithfully taking this product and can tell I have more energy & hormonal issues not bothering me like they used to. I feel so much better after taking them. I was constantly tired, sluggish. Not anymore. Will keep taking this product!

By Macy Walter
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I was really expecting more. I ate the same but didn't lose any weight and I still feel sluggish. I feel like I have a thyroid condition but I should probably go to my doctor and see what he says. I dont want to be on pills for the rest of my life but nothing that I try seems to work. I'm not sure what I should expect from this. Maybe I'll just try taking some of the ingredients on their own because it sort of works but not to my expectation. Or maybe I should take iodine. I'm just not really sure but this does not seem to work well for me.

By Miss Maiya McClure
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I have tried lots of adrenal support products over the last 10 years & so far I'm very pleased with how these make me feel more energetic without side effects & the price is reasonable.....all of that is a plus!!

By Ms. Marianna Ortiz
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I received this product and started taking it on Aug 1, 2019. It seems to be doing well. My sleep hours are still erratic but I am sure that will change. My thyroid has been out of wack but not enough for prescription meds. I don't want to take prescriptions anyway. I am not big fan of doctors at all. So I tried 2 different thyrod herbs. This one seems to work the best so far. I feel I have more energy and am more focused. I will be purchasing again.

By Tim C.
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