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Thyrogard (30 Day Supply)

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I have been taking this for about 3 weeks, missing a dose here and there. Here is what ive noticed. (1) Weight loss, same diet as the previous 3 months but finally some pounds have started dropping. (...

By Amy Schulman

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I think I am noticing a little bit of a difference in my mood. I feel a little less foggy but nothing earth shattering. I think I will keep taking it but I am not sure for how much longer

By Carlie Roberts

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It helps with my nerves and thyroid issues. So far so good with this product.

By Cynthia S.
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Very thankful for this product. I bought it thinking it might help with weight loss. But what I really benefited from was hormonal. I've had trouble with fertility, and without saying too much, this stuff put me back on track.

By Emily N.
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Definitely feel the difference in my energy level. Haven't noticed any weight loss in the month that I have been taking these but it seems that with the added energy to accomplish things it is only a matter of time.

By Cameron C.
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I'm always a little skeptical of new supplements, but I was excited to try Thyrogard based on the transparency of ingredients. I noticed a positive change within the first week of using the product, and the good vibes haven't stopped since! It's particularly impressive because it's also gentle on my stomach and doesn't make me nauseous like other supplements have.

By Meghan Hintz
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So far I feel much more like myself, more energy and stamina. I'm feeling less stress and more happiness throughout the day.

By Vinnie Lombardo
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Great stuff! Feeling great!

By Caroline West
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