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RediMove (30 Day Supply)

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I had severe pain in both of my knees from overuse working at a grocery store. I was taking fish oils and wearing knee support sleeves, but those only helped the problem from getting worse. A friend o...

By Max Young

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This seems to provide a little help. I wish that I experienced full, complete relief from my joint pain though.

By Ben G.

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I tried this because it has all the ingredients I have been researching. I can only say it works great. Big improvement. I will order again.

By Robert Dittman
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I started taking this product roughly 3 weeks ago and I already feel better! This supplement is working perfectly for me so far!! I've been having a lot of joint pain in my knees, ankles and wrists. However, once taking these pills, I have experienced a positive impact on my joint pain! Since taking these pills, the normal pain I experience due to cold weather has drastically disappeared.

By Anonymous
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Solid supplement. No odor. Great for adding to daily regimen to help support exercise and join stress.

By Kathleen
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I was suffering from severe knee and elbow pain. Did some research and came across this product, have been using for 6+months and will continue to do so. I also take collegen, tumeric, and fish oil daily, and this combo has cured my pain.

By Courtney F.
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This is a great product. One that I seem to not live without. I work long hours, walking on concrete, standing, climbing stairs and bending. This has helped my joints alot. I use to get major swelling and stiffness. And when it's that "time of the month " my knees would hurt worst. I'm greatful for these supplements.

By Sheila M.
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My brother has had knee problems for years and for the last 3-4 weeks before he started taking this product, he could hardly walk. So, I immediately ordered him this product. It's been not even 2 weeks since he started taking them and now he can get a around and can even go up and down the stairs with almost no pain.

By Aiden M.
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I have to say,.. I've been taking this supplement for 6 months,.. and I can definitely say that my joint pain,.. foot pain and general pain has diminished,.. and at some point,.. been eliminated.

By Frankie Morris
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I have used Glucosamine for a few years and I feel this really helped me with my hip joint pains much more.

By Amanda
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I have been using these (2 tablets every morning) for over a month now, and they have helped with my knees and my shoulders. Less clicking & scraping in the joints. If they help me hold off having to have surgery or steroid/anti-inflammatory shots for a few more years, I'll count it as well worth it. I'm on my feet all day, on a hard concrete floor, up & down ladders all day, so anything that helps reduce the discomfort & stiffness in my joints, especially my knees, is a blessing.

By Reggie Ward
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The company is great with outstanding service and integrity. Highly recommend.

By Anonymous
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