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RediMove (30 Day Supply)

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I had severe pain in both of my knees from overuse working at a grocery store. I was taking fish oils and wearing knee support sleeves, but those only helped the problem from getting worse. A friend o...

By Max Young

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This seems to provide a little help. I wish that I experienced full, complete relief from my joint pain though.

By Ben G.

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Tried and tested personally. I suggest taking them for a few weeks and then quit. You will see the pain come back just like I did. Works. Just try it.

By Anonymous
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I was really hoping that this would work for me. I have been experiencing knee pain ever since I had a meniscus tear back in 2010. My knee swells up to the size of a softball any time I try to do any really strenuous physical activity. I was hoping that this product would be my magic pill that would get me back to playing tennis again like I used to. Unfortunately, I don't feel any difference after taking the pills for 1 week. I think I'll stick to anti-inflammatories and see if I can fix this some other way. Thanks.

By Anonymous
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I have had knee trouble for a few years and since using this product my knee is much better. I have tried other similar products previously in the past and this one is the best I have used. I will continue to use this product and never want to run out of it.

By Yasmin J.
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My husband and I have been taking these now for a few months and it has worked great. My husband's knee is not bothering him and he doesn't have to take Aleve anymore for that. I had stiffness and pain in my right hand and since taking these I have not had any stiffness or pain.

By Amber
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This really has made a very big different in my life and has helped ease my pain. I was living with pain from my knees down to my feet everyday and having a very hard time walking. When I started taking this within 2 weeks my pain was gone. It was unbelievable and I felt so much relief. I am so glad I came across this and tried it and for me it worked. I feel remarkably better and am no where in pain like I was and am a true believer.

By Janine Tameka
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My wife works as a vet tech in an animal hospital and has been in the field for 6+ years. Over the past year she's been complaining more and more about aches and pains in her knees, back and joints. She wanted to see a physician but due to financial limitations I begged her to try some supplements first so we stumbled across this bottle and decided to give it a shot. It was almost at the 2 week mark when she came to me and said in disbelief that the pain and aches had already started to subside.

By Frederick H.
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Have purchased this product twice before. My Doc recommended I start using just the ingredients included in this joint support, as I was preparing for back surgery. Doc liked the ingredients. I liked that it's 3rd party tested. I feel these have helped my recovery. Try it.

By O. Paul
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Less pain in my left shoulder. Less pain in both knees. My back pain is almost non-existent and after exercise, my left hip is no longer giving me a problem at all. I think that this product is very helpful. I intend to send a bottle to my daughter who is having some pain as well.

By Anonymous
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I am a 68 year old grandmother of 6 and spend a lot of time with them, I also workout 4 days a week, Like anyone my age I have stiffness and aches and pains periodically, Since taking this product I find my joints are not as stiff during the day. I reordered because I think the longer I'm on this the better I will feel.

By Charlotte Gallagher
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So far so good. I am curious to see what another month or so will be like on these joint support supplements. While I am only thirty, I am already starting to feel the grinding joint pain. Winter is hard here. Will update when another month has gone by.

By Carl Y.
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