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RediMove (30 Day Supply)

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I had severe pain in both of my knees from overuse working at a grocery store. I was taking fish oils and wearing knee support sleeves, but those only helped the problem from getting worse. A friend o...

By Max Young

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This seems to provide a little help. I wish that I experienced full, complete relief from my joint pain though.

By Ben G.

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Just taking these 3 weeks so far and so far, so good. I do find that I can move my fingers somewhat easier and with less pain than before. Hoping the longer I take the more improvement I will see. Would definitely recommend as I have tried several others with no improvement whatsoever in the early stages like I have noticed with these supplements. Thank you so much!

By Liam Baker
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Much more mobility when I am in the gym, especially my shoulder. Didn't even take a full week before I noticed results.

By Lina W.
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I have had great results with this product. I have knee pain and have been taking ibuprofen. After just a few days (less than a week) I was not needing the ibuprofen.

By Anonymous
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i have used others before, but this product works great for me. i have no more shoulder discomfort and my strength is much better working out

By Sam A.
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Works really well! Take before you go to bed, it relaxes and you'll sleep like a baby. Next day you feel sooo much better. I bought it for my knee...and it's so much better! Also anti inflammatory, that's why it aleviates pain. No inflammation, No pain!

By Larry Perkins
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I think. this is a great product. Noticed the difference within 3 wks after taking them. My joints weren't as stiff or as sore. Very pleased and satisfied with my choice.

By Danny McCoy
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I ordered and received these a little less than a month ago. I am a natural skeptic and therefore logged the pain I have in my joints for about two weeks before I ordered these. Continuing my log through today, I can honestly say that I have less joint pain and freer movement, especially in my left hip, than I had before.

By Faith F.
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Knees........sometimes good sometimes not. I am very active, 73, going on 12. Body doesn't always listen. Ski, mountain bike, kayak, etc. When the joints start creaking, usually after an injury I go back to this product.. Several weeks later always see an improvement.

By H. Winters
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Unlike many reviewers, I don't have serious joint problem. I'm still relatively young and pain-free, though I do work out hard and sometimes feel it the next morning. This was more preventative in my diet than anything else. I've been taking it for about 6 weeks and, well, nothing bad has happened! I'm going to keep taking it and hopefully it keeps my joints younger for longer.

By Ryan
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Natural ingredients, great cost and effectiveness. A good buy all around. Recommended.

By Robert Bennett
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