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It works, simple as that.

nothing the VA gave me seem to work at easing my pain got to the point that I couldn't even lay down prone for very long. I found myself having to set up and lean back on my sofa just to sleep and family outting...., will was just painful. I couldn't really enjoy myself because something simple as walking to the restroom was just hard. Then one day I started searching the internet for something that might would help and came across this Redimove. I decided to try it. I continued taking the pill each night before bed. Then the pain just started to let up. Oh I still have the occasional bolt of pain every once in a while when I make an awkward moment and I still walk with a limp. But the pain is nothing like it was and I can even lay down and sleep. My guess is that, it a bit to get into your system and do its thing. This is not a instant pain killer. You are not going to take it and feel better in a couple of hours... or days. But just have faith and keep taking it as directed and you will get to the promised land :-). I will continue taking Redimove. I can only see things getting better from here. God bless.

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