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RediNite (30 Day Supply)

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For as long as I can remember I have had a difficult time falling asleep and sometimes saying asleep. I have tried so many different items to try and improve my sleep I can't even keep track of how ma...

By Obryanm23

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I'm a college student so its very hard to fall asleep at times because I am always thinking about a mistake I made on my exam or i just can't sleep because I'm thinking about an exam I'm about to take...

By Josefpar

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Since I've started taking it, I start getting drowsy earlier going to bed at 10:30. Sometimes, I even have to close my kindle down earlier and head to bed which is really wonderful as the alarm gets me up at 6:00 a.m. I can't tell you how many sleep supplements I've tried and how many have failed to make a difference.

By 5starchar
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My issue has never been GETTING to sleep- it's always been STAYING asleep, and that seems to be the difference between this Nutreance supplement and everything else I've used. To be candid, no medication has ever helped me stay asleep. But the Zenwise redinite gets me through the night. It facilitates deep sleep, and I don't have any trouble getting back to sleep when I DO wake up.

By Louiedge
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I decided not to take these so I can't say whether they work or not.

By LucyFer
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My sister has issues falling asleep and staying asleep. She has tried several over the counter options with no luck, and several prescriptions that left her groggy for a good bit after she woke. When I told her about this she wasn't thrilled as she assumed it was going to fail like all the others. To her surprise a week after taking it, she was sleeping better and woke up refreshed. She couldn't believe it.

By DanaC
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Something I've noticed - I've never been the type to be able to fall asleep on public transportation or random places easily. But ever since taking this I've been able to fall asleep in buses and in cars. I did not take this during those times. I only take this at night. I'm not sure if this is all correlated or not, but I've just noticed I've been able to fall asleep easier than I ever have. For me this is a plus. I've always been envious of people who could fall asleep anywhere and at any time because I am the exact opposite. I need it completely dark and silent, but that seems to be changing and I REALLY like it.

By Susanbrecker
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The main thing I like about this sleep aid is that it makes me feel peaceful and calm, which helps me to wind down in the evenings, and fall asleep without feeling as if I'd been sedated!

By Dwashington
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Although I don't usually have a problem sleeping, I faced an intense travel schedule involving thousands of miles and changes in time zones. When I had a problem going to sleep and staying asleep, I found that taking two capsules before bedtime helped. I was able to go to sleep quickly and remain asleep throughout the night, feeling rested without being groggy the next morning. In an extreme situation, I found that taking these capsules with a bottle of beer was even more effective.

By Guinessguy
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I'm always a little nervous to take sleeping the past, they've left me groggy the next day and made it extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning (and I already have a hard enough time as it is!! :)). I've noticed, as I'm getting older (mid-thirties), I haven't been sleeping through the night like I used to. I always have to get up at least once to use the bathroom. Lo and behold...I sleep through the night when I take this product!!

By Suzq83
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I've only taken this product for a few nights now since I just received it about a week ago but it did help me to fall asleep a bit faster; which was great.

By Jessicaj
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I have seen a big increase in these types of sleep aids as of late. Rather than an anti histamine or other based product that are trying to actually make you sleepy, combos like this are designed to get you to relax so sleep can just come naturally. For many its a good stuff and and just what they need. Everyone has had the occasional, and sometimes chronic problem of ones brain running amok as we try to get to sleep, or just being restless and not being able to get comfortable. Combos like this help me for sure.

By Johnjay
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