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Menovair (30 Day Supply)

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After trying Black Cohosh caps, a pure formula with nothing else added in, as well as other products like Primrose and 5HTP, I found Menovair to be the only thing that has helped me with hot flashes....

By Eleanor Steuber

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Shipping took too long and I was impatient. I decided to try to buy some other supplements from my local store to see if I can make my own menopause cocktail. I have the Menovair now but I'm going to ...

By Joanne Rowe

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Was having one mild hot flash a night. This stuff worked after the first time I took it. I combine eating very healthy and taking these vitamins to make this transition as easy as possible.

By Rachel Webber
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I'm a naturally skeptical person. I was looking for every other possible explanation than the most simple- this product actually works. Hormone free and all the ingredients I love.

By Rosemarie Armstrong
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I was using a different brand with the same basic ingredients and they went out of business so I had to find a replacement quick. Very happy with this product.

By Annabel R.
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Love this product! And I really regret it when I forget to take it.

By Gwen Renner
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Great and prompt delivery! Great service!

By Kaitlyn Mertz
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I am 48. Youthful in appearance and in activity level, body etc, however was getting week long headaches before my period for 3 months. Thought it had to do with dehydration? But it occurred to me that it might be hormonal so I did some research online and discovered that my hormones might be going high and then crashing and all related to perimenopausal symptoms. I have not yet missed a cycle so not in full menopause yet. Started this stuff and poof, headaches gone. I was getting minor hot flashes too and they are gone as well.

By Angela Douglas
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By n
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This product really helped me get back to my daily life. So thankful!

By Liana Rubenstein
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Very simple- you should buy this. It is the only product so far that has worked for me.

By Megan G.
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