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Eleanor Steuber

5 out of 5 stars

A lot of experimentation before I found this!

After trying Black Cohosh caps, a pure formula with nothing else added in, as well as other products like Primrose and 5HTP, I found Menovair to be the only thing that has helped me with hot flashes. I had to tinker a bit before finding the lowest dosage that had an effect and waited about two weeks before it kicked in. Now I take one cap with breakfast, one with lunch, and two with dinner. and I continue to take moisturizer for my dry skin.I don't notice any hot flashes at all now when I used to have them almost every hour during the day. At night, the flashes were so severe, they'd wake me several times. Now I can sleep the entire night without waking hot and sweaty. For this alone, Menovair deserves 5 stars.

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