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Menovair (30 Day Supply)

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After trying Black Cohosh caps, a pure formula with nothing else added in, as well as other products like Primrose and 5HTP, I found Menovair to be the only thing that has helped me with hot flashes....

By Eleanor Steuber

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Shipping took too long and I was impatient. I decided to try to buy some other supplements from my local store to see if I can make my own menopause cocktail. I have the Menovair now but I'm going to ...

By Joanne Rowe

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Going on 48 years old, I believe I am going through perimenopause. I have been having terrible night sweats and body odor in certain places especially before my period. Within a week of taking these pills (I take 2 in the morning) these issues have disappeared. I used to be very self conscious about my odor and now I'm not worried at all...
I pray this continues and these pills don't lose effectiveness over time. What a life saver!

By Jane Haley
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Just bad luck. I've had some of the worst menopause symptoms. Fatigue, mood swings, muscle ache and terrible, terrible night sweats! I would wake up and have to change my clothes. Forget about going back to sleep. This destroyed all of those symptoms in the first two weeks!

By Jennifer W.
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Didn't work for me. A little disappointed based on all the reviews I had heard. I tried it for 3 days and felt no difference.

By Dorothy Y.
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I have been using Menovair for almost a year now and it really works. I have very few and less intense hot flashes. I ran out of Menovair and tried another product but started having more hot flashes and night sweats. When I got back to Menovair my issues were solved. Give it a try.

By Julia D.
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No benefit after one week of use

By Kristin Moore
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I ordered this hoping it might help with my terrible hot flashes. I was having up to 10 a day and 7 to 10 a night that would wake me up throughout the night. I did not want to go on hormone therapy and had been looking for something natural that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I started taking Menovair a few months ago and after about two weeks I began to notice a decrease in the number of hot flashes both during the day and at night.

By Daphne M.
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Over the years, I have tried every natural remedy under the sun to try to get rid of my hot flashes. I even tried each of the ingredients in Menovair individiually and nothing helped. But somehow, whatever combination they are in with Menovair actually works for me. What a miracle!

By Lilly Goodwin
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This is the only product that helps me with multiple hot flashes a day. Don't run out or you will know right away just how much it helps.

By Elisa Rau
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Menovair seems to be helping me with my hot flashes. I definitely don't wake up as frequently in the middle of the night. It was happening almost every night and very difficult to get back to sleep. Now I would say it's happening once a week. So definitely a big improvement. The price is a little steep for the product though. I might explore some other alternatives to see if anything works as well as this but at a cheaper price. But I don't want to interrupt the effects of the Menovair and go back to waking up every night from hot flashes. So many decisions!

By Helen Doyle
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My doctor recommended this to me for my hot flashes, and I am certainly glad he did. I am a believer in this product.

By Marjory Price
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