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Prostacor (30 Day Supply)

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I am a senior and had problems with waking up middle night 3x to go to the bathroom. During the day I had to go often with a half full bladder it's the sensation that makes you go. I decided to give p...

By Cleveland Murphy

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I think I was expecting a bit more relief. I do notice an effect but I think I might look for something that works better. Suppose I'll keep taking this in the meantime though. No harm in it.

By Marek B.

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Have been using other brand previously. This seems to be far more beneficial than the other brands. My husband has been making less frequent trips since using your product.

By Reece Lesch
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If you're looking for a great product you found it.

By Rudy Stoltenberg
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Got this for my grandpa, and so far he's been feeling better. A doctor friend told me he doesn't recommend supplements like this, but he recommended these supplements based on a study he read and from reviews. He also told him to cut the tea out of his daily diet and start drinking caffeine free tea instead, and no liquids close to bedtime. Overall grandpa is happier and better, but he still should go see a doctor himself.

By Adam Q.
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I thought it was too expensive at first compared to similar products I've tried in the past. But I liked the results! Can go most nights without the extreme urge to urinate. Maybe get up once. Compared to the last 5 to 6 years, getting up 4 or 5 times a night. Most of my problem was an overactive bladder, but I also had a prostate issue. This supplement definitely has help and I will continue to fork out the cost for it!

By Fred Tremblay
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This product is a godsend. It has reduced my night trips to the bathroom completely which is what I was hoping but also I feel a lot more energetic on it. Very good stuff. No sides at all.

By Branson J.
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This is an excellent product. It has helped my hair growth, inflammation caused by chemical sensitivities, and better bladder control. I highly recommend it.

By Michael G.
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So far as I can tell I am down to one trip at night to the head. Used to be at least two. We shall see as I am on my first bottle.

By Darrel M.
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My husband didn't believe that a natural supplement could help with his prostate issues, but within 3 weeks he was only getting up once a night to use the restroom as opposed to the multiple times that had become the norm. He also stopped feeling the daily "pressure." We swear by this stuff! It truly does work.

By Mindy B.
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During a daily sporting event a friend and I engaged in a discussion about how our bodies function as we become older. He inquired if I experienced frequent periods during sleep that cause me to awaken, disturbing my rest. I replied yes. I purchased this product on Amazon suspect of a positive outcome. Based on my usage to date I actually believe that I am less disturb at night while sleeping utilizing this product. I will continue to include this each night.

By Hyman Rosenbaum
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Very pleased with this product. I have been on two others and U would say this has helped just as good if not better than them

By Kurt K.
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