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Prostacor (30 Day Supply)

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I am a senior and had problems with waking up middle night 3x to go to the bathroom. During the day I had to go often with a half full bladder it's the sensation that makes you go. I decided to give p...

By Cleveland Murphy

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I think I was expecting a bit more relief. I do notice an effect but I think I might look for something that works better. Suppose I'll keep taking this in the meantime though. No harm in it.

By Marek B.

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all these reviews really got my hopes up, but im going to bathroom just as often and still have discomfort

By Robert H.
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This product has given me back a good nights sleep! I'm on my third bottle and I'd say that half way through the second my sleep patterns improved dramatically. Prior to taking the supplement it was unusual to go for much more than two hours before needing to visit the bathroom. So at least three or four visits per night. Now...I get up once....and the overall urge to urinate has lessened quite considerably to the extent that I could likely just rollover and go back to sleep (but old habits die hard).

By Greg H.
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Very happy with this product, The price is great and the quantity is excellent. Have had great results using this product. Many Thanks

By Bruce F.
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Works as described. Fast delivery.

By Daren Buckridge
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I don't get up at night at all anymore to use the restroom and have much more control all day. I also feel much better all around. My prostate thanks you.

By Darrin Ortiz
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My husband of 38 years, (he's 69) is almost done with his 1st bottle. Noticed a difference in getting up at night. Just ordered another bottle. It works.

By Susanna K.
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I tried a few such products and was really disappointed. I'm about to order my second bottle of this product because it WORKS! Saw a marked result in two weeks. I highly recommend it.

By Jamar V.
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Don't leave many reviews but this is a very quality supplement. No additives or fillers … I'm not a scientist and do not do testing but have had no negative side effects and it seems very smooth. The results were VERY quick in regards to less frequent urination. It has cured that problem completely after 2 weeks. I've also noticed less shedding with hair… not sure if this is the pill or the new exercise regime I've gotten into but I am a repeat customer for this no doubt.

By Ezra Keeling
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I am very happy with this product; I replaced the GNC Mens Prostate supplement with this and am glad I made the switch. This product seems to be working as well as the other and a little more economical.

By Elijah Jenkins
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I gifted this to my father who has had prostate problems for a while now and the medications he was given from his doctor were giving him allergic reactions. I did some research and happened upon Prostacor. He has only been taking it for a week but has already had some relief and No bad reaction!! I love that it doesn't require a prescription and I can have it delivered right to his door. Also he only has to take one a day. Love it!

By Marcia F.
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