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I tried RediCalm due to recent life changes last year. After a few weeks I started dealing with those stresses much better. However, I was also receiving accupuncture treatments and I'm not sure why, but slowly discontinued using RC. Then a few weeks ago I started back to the same 'ole feelings, finding it harder to let go, and still using accupuncture. So, I started up with RC again and after a couple weeks I am again feeling as tho I can deal much better. That is why I think it works for me. It doesn't make me high of any sort. It doesn't eliminate stress completely. I don't think it worked over night, but over time and was subtle. Something about it, tho, that helps me cope better and allow me to let things go in a reasonable time. ( Accupuncture is still a really good thing as well) This seems like a good product to me and that is why I give it 5 stars.

By Sally B. on May 10, 2018
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