How RediMove Works

Pro-inflammatory cytokines are key signaling proteins that play an essential role in your body's natural inflammatory response. These molecules interact with the immune system at several different stages to increase inflammatory reactions in response to injury.

Wear and Tear Takes Its Toll Over Time

Effects of Cartilage Degeneration on an Inflamed Knee Joint

The effect of cartilage degeneration and bone-on-bone friction is shown on an inflamed knee joint.

Young joints are protected from painful bone-on-bone friction by a layer of cartilage. This tough, flexible material acts as a cushion inside joints, which prevents inflammation and limits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Over time, wear and tear during physical activity erodes this protective cushion of cartilage, causing the surfaces of the bones inside the joint to rub together. The pain, discomfort, and inflammation caused by this bone-on-bone friction prevents the regeneration of cartilage and results in a buildup of pro-inflammatory cytokines, keeping the joint in a constant state of emergency. But with a little help, you can reduce the irritating effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines, regenerate damaged cartilage, and improve the mobility of your aching joints.

That's where comes in...

's unique formulation of herbs and natural biological compounds is designed to limit the harmful effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines and stimulate a healthy inflammatory response. This gives your body the chance to heal and restore the protective cushioning of cartilage within your painful joints, allowing you to return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

4 Steps to Better Joints

Adding RediMove to your daily routine can help create the optimal environment for cartilage regeneration and allow you to return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Step 1

Add Daily

Taking RediMove each day helps reduce the irritating effects of excess pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Step 2

Improved Inflammatory Response

Blocking the harmful effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines promotes a healthy inflammatory response, creating the optimal environment for your body to repair damaged cartilage.

Step 3

Increased Physical Activity

By reducing inflammation and restoring a protective cushion of cartilage within your joints, you are able to increase your physical activity and return to a healthy exercise routine without pain or stiffness.

Step 4

A Newly Active Lifestyle

The combination of reduced pain and improved joint mobility encourages you to cultivate a newly active lifestyle, ensuring the long-term health of your body.