How RediMind Works

Acetylcholine powers the information sharing network in your brain. This key neurotransmitter forges new connections between neurons and is responsible for retrieving old memories, learning new information, and focusing your attention on the task at hand.

A Battle Against Time

Effects of Cognitive Decline on Neural Activity

The effect of cognitive decline on neural activity is shown in three stages spanning 50 years.

Acetylcholine is found in high quantities in young brains, enabling them to be highly adaptable and to rapidly expand their network of neural pathways for quick learning and retentive memory.

However, after age 40, levels of acetylcholine begin to decline as the brain gradually shifts into relying on existing neural pathways which slowly weaken with time. This natural aging process can negatively affect information recall, leading to frustration and confusion in your later years. But with a little help, you can restore healthy levels of aceytlcholine to sharpen your mind and regain confidence in your memory and cognition.

That's where comes in...

's unique formulation of herbs and natural biological compounds is designed to promote healthy levels of acetylcholine. Maintaining optimal levels of this key neurotransmitter wakes up the neurons in your brain, strengthens neural connections, and gives you back the quick recall of a confident mind.

4 Steps to a Sharper Mind

Adding RediMind to your daily routine can help you form new neural connections and lay the foundation for a stronger short-term memory.

Step 1

Add Daily

Taking RediMind each day helps you restore and maintain healthy levels of acetylcholine.

Step 2

Improved Short-Term Memory

Restoring optimal levels of acetylcholine revitalizes neural connectivity, reestablishes neuroplasticity, and enhances your mind's ability to retain new information.

Step 3

Increased Productivity and Motivation

Once you are able to retain and apply new information more efficiently, your productivity increases, motivating you to meet new challenges with a sense of enthusiasm.

Step 4

A Clear and Confident Mind

A renewed enthusiastic attitude leads to more confidence and clarity in your memory and decision-making abilities throughout your daily life.