How Prostacor Works

Free radicals are biological irritants that cause an inflammatory response. They are either exogenous, such as chemicals and pollution in our environment, or endogenous, such as chemical reactions within our bodies.

A Deficient Antioxidant Defense

Difference Between Normal and Enlarged Prostate

An illustration of the impact of an enlarged prostate on the bladder and urethra.

Our bodies possess a biological mechanism to absorb and break down these irritants. However, after age 50, our antioxidant defense grows less effective in preventing free radical damage. This results in chronic inflammation, to which the prostate is particularly susceptible, and commonly causes frequent urination, discomfort, bloating, and a feeling of fullness. But with a little help, you can restore your body’s natural defense against free radicals and stop living life around the bathroom.

That's where comes in...

's unique formulation of earth-grown herbs and natural biological compounds is designed to restore your body’s natural antioxidant defense and help control prostate inflammation. This relieves your overactive bladder and ensures proper protection for healthy prostate function as you grow older.

4 Steps to a Healthy Prostate

Adding Prostacor to your daily routine can boost your defense against free radical damage so you can stop living life around the bathroom.

Step 1

Add Daily

Taking Prostacor each day helps boost your body’s natural antioxidant defense.

Step 2

Reduced Inflammation

Improved protection against irritating free radicals reduces inflammation in the prostate.

Step 3

Fewer Daily Interruptions

With a healthier prostate, you experience fewer interruptions to your daily routine.

Step 4

A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

You have greater productivity, less anxiety when engaging in social events, and are no longer preoccupied with finding the closest bathroom.