How Menovair Works

Before menopause, the primary female hormones estrogen and progesterone provide the optimal environment for the hypothalamus, the brain’s control center, to function properly. When they are in equilibrium, you feel cool, calm, and composed.

A Hypersensitive Thermostat

How Declining Estrogen Levels During Menopause Affect the Brain

The brain regions affected by the decline of estrogen and progesterone production during menopause.

As we enter menopause, our levels of estrogen and progesterone naturally decline. These lower levels cause the hypothalamus, your body’s thermostat, to become hypersensitive to minor body temperature fluctuations, triggering hot flashes to cool you down. In addition, these declining hormone levels impact the hypothalamus’s other functions, resulting in insomnia, mood swings, muscle aches, and fatigue. But with a little help, you can restore balance without the use of exogenous hormones and start to feel like yourself again.

That's where comes in...

's unique formulation of earth-grown herbs work together to restore natural production of estrogen and progesterone. More importantly, these natural ingredients help ensure proper function of the hypothalamus, relieving common menopausal discomfort. In this way, you can feel cooler, calmer, and well-rested.

4 Steps to Menopausal Relief

In addition to providing you relief, adding Menovair to your daily routine can help you lay the foundation for a newly positive outlook and feel like yourself again.

Step 1

Add Daily

Taking Menovair each day helps restore your body’s natural production of estrogen and progesterone levels.

Step 2

Reduced Menopausal Discomfort

Healthy levels of estrogen and progesterone provide the optimal environment for hypothalamus function, reducing hot flashes and night sweats.

Step 3

A Relaxed, Quiet Mind

Without the constant worry about when the next hot flash will strike, you are more comfortable in your own skin during the day and your mind is quieter at night when it’s time for sleep.

Step 4

Improved Sleep and Energy Levels

With consistent restorative sleep, you wake up each morning feeling rested, empowered, and ready to meet the day.