Hepaclear Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

At Nutreance, safety and effectiveness are paramount in our mission to provide you with innovative natural remedies. That's why Hepaclear has been carefully formulated using only the most effective natural ingredients with the highest safety ratings, according to extensive clinical research.

But it's not enough to simply combine herbs recommended by scientific studies into a formula. The quality of the ingredients that make up any natural remedy are critical to its overall efficacy.

Just as you can buy fresh fruits or vegetables from a farmer's market that are of much higher quality than at your local supermarket, not all herbs are created equal. In the same way, you may be able to purchase the same herb from two different suppliers, but the purity and potency of the ingredients may be entirely different. For this reason, we thoroughly vet our raw material suppliers to ensure that our natural remedies are comprised of only the highest quality ingredients.

Milk Thistle 80% Extract (80% silymarin) A flowering plant related to the daisy family, milk thistle has come to be cultivated throughout the world for its protective effects on the liver. Research has shown the silymarin content of milk thistle is responsible for its ability to prevent inflammation and lipid buildup in the liver. In one clinical study conducted in 2014, milk thistle was found to reduce liver fat while also significantly decreasing liver size and weight. [1]
Hesperidin (from citrus bioflavonoid complex) A bioflavonoid which naturally defends citrus plants against microbes and toxins, hesperidin also provides powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to humans. Originally isolated from orange peel in 1828, this compound has been shown to boost the body's free radical defense against liver inflammation, protecting against lipid buildup in the organ. In a 12 week study in 2019, patients taking hesperidin saw a significant reduction in liver fat concentration versus placebo.[2]
Dandelion Root Powder Known throughout the world for their yellow flowers that turn into round silver balls, dandelions have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Native American medicine to help cleanse the liver of toxins. Research indicates that while the entire plant can help detox the liver, the highest concentration of liver protective compounds are found in the root of the plant. A 2013 clinical study found that dandelion significantly decreased lipid accumulation while also reducing metabolic hormone resistance.[3]
Artichoke Leaf Powder Artichokes are edible thistle buds that are commonly cultivated as food dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Beyond their delicious taste, they have been found to provide liver protective effects and help flush toxins from the body due to their high concentration of antioxidants. In a 2018 clinical study, subjects who supplemented with artichoke leaf experienced reduction in lipid concentrations in the liver, as well as liver size.[4]
Choline Bitartrate Choline bitartrate is a common edible form of choline, an essential nutrient that can be synthesized by our bodies but is primarily obtained through dietary sources. It has been established through numerous clinical studies that diets deficient in choline directly cause fatty liver disease.[5] For this reason, it is crucial to fortify your diet with choline to prevent your liver from developing this condition.
Vegetable Capsule Many supplements that you purchase from the store use gelatin capsules to deliver their active ingredients. Not only are these capsules not vegetarian, as they are made from animal parts, but they are also often colored with harmful dyes to obscure their inner contents. But Hepaclear uses only vegan, non-GMO vegetable capsules made from plant cellulose and contain no additional additives like colors or dyes. This ensures that our product is sensitive to dietary restrictions and completely natural for everyone to take.
Dicalcium Phosphate Dicalcium phosphate is commonly used in the production of tablets and capsules as a "flow agent." It is added during the bottling process to ensure that powdered capsule ingredients do not clump together but instead flow through the machinery with ease. This is essential to provide a consistent, uniformly-mixed product.
Magnesium Stearate Magnesium stearate is present in trace amounts in nearly all capsule and tablet products. It is primarily used as a lubricant that makes the pill easier to swallow and allows it to slide more easily down your digestive track. It also serves as an important purpose as an excipient, meaning that it improves the solubility of the active ingredients and assists your body in absorbing the capsule contents.

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