Hepaclear Directions

Hepaclear Bottle

How many capsules should I take?

For daily use: We recommend taking 1 to 2 capsules per day to allow the natural ingredients to protect against a fatty liver by reducing inflammation and detoxing the body.

For more advanced cases: We recommend taking 2 to 4 capsules to provide maximum strength antioxidant defense against liver inflammation and lipid accumulation.

Proper dosage is an individual process that depends on what works best for you and your body. We do not recommend taking more than 6 capsules per day.

What time of day should I take the capsules?

For best results, we recommend taking Hepaclear when you wake up in the morning so that the natural ingredients can be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream and reach maximum detox effectiveness during waking hours when food and drink are consumed.

Should I take the capsules with or without food?

You may take Hepaclear with or without food. However, please keep in mind that if you take Hepaclear with food, it may take longer for the nutrients to be absorbed into your system.