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Calciven (30 Day Supply)

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I was in an accident when a crazy person ran a red light. Since then, I have had aches and pains constantly. But a few months ago, I found this product and I am obsessed. Each day that goes by, I feel...

By Dina G.

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This seems to work but I'm not convinced it's helping me any more than my old calcium pills were. Since these are a little expensive, I may switch back when I run out..

By Alvin S.

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About 8 years ago, I had a bone density scan that showed some loss in my spine and hips. I began taking an over-the-counter calcium supplement from the drugstore. When the test was repeated, several years later, the numbers showed that the bone loss had progressed, despite the calcium supplementation. My doctor wanted me to start taking one of the "heavy hitter" medications that are given via injection, but I was very reluctant because of the possible side effects I had read about. I found out about Calciven, and started taking it daily, at the recommended dosage each day. When I had another bone scan last year, my spine was back within the normal range.

By Margaret B.
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It came highly recommended from friends that have taken it. I haven't had my bone density taken yet, but anxious to see how my scores will be this month. Already starting to feel better.

By Kristina Goldner
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On my second month. So much more strength, support, and flexibility.

By Joe P.
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I love this formula. It takes care of achy legs and charley horses for me. --Just fixes those problems.

By Felix G.
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My blood work came back normal on calcium after having surgery so I’m pretty happy.

By Carl O.
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I have been taking these for months after having parathyroid removal. They’ve been great and have helped me recover. They are a good base to start with and include everything I need in basic doses. I have had no problems with these whatsoever. No gastro issues, no heartburn or stomach upset, no problems swallowing them, no aftertaste or odor. They’re perfect. I can feel when they kick in cause my low calcium symptoms disappear and my muscles relax.

By Charlene S.
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I'm pretty young, 28, but I'm a nurse and played soccer for 16 years and have been in 2 auto accidents. I preface my review with this because most of the reviews seem to be people that took this medicine based on bone density alone. I 100% feel a difference in my arthritic pain when I take this supplement. I only take 2 capsules a day, but I also have a relatively healthy diet and my arthritis is pretty minimal.

By Bethany D.
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This is a superior calcium supplement. I have taken this calcium supplement for several months It’s complete with everything needed for maximum absorption.

By Lauren Swift
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I've been taking Calciven for months. Several years ago I was diagnosed with low bone density, the condition that precedes osteoporosis. So I started taking this every day religiously. At some point it reversed and now my bone density is within the normal range.

By Ken Connelly
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I do a lot of weight bearing exercise which helps build bone, and along with this, I did something that I didn't think was possible which was to reverse my thinning bone loss. I also walk two miles a day most days.

By Isabella D.
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