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Calciven (30 Day Supply)

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I was in an accident when a crazy person ran a red light. Since then, I have had aches and pains constantly. But a few months ago, I found this product and I am obsessed. Each day that goes by, I feel...

By Dina G.

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This seems to work but I'm not convinced it's helping me any more than my old calcium pills were. Since these are a little expensive, I may switch back when I run out..

By Alvin S.

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Buying it regularly in the last year or so. Very good ingredients, easy to swallow. Started using first after husband broke his wrist, and kept using it ever since. Very happy with this product :)

By Patricia D.
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I'm really happy with the product because all the ingredients are backed by clinical research and they seem to be working well for me but the capsules are just a little big for me to swallow -- about the size of an ibuprofen. I have to open the capsules and put them in apple sauce. Unfortunate.

By Janice H.
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This is the best calcium supplement I have taken. It doesn’t cause side effects like nausea,gas or constipation that some calcium supplements do. I take 2 at night which provides your daily calcium intake by itself. Easy to swallow capsules.

By Kayla D.
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Oh I love this product. Take this product consistently along with other calcium, fish oil, vitamin C, good diet and resistance / strength training, your lab results and your bone density will improve. You don't need to depend on medications which gives you short and long term side effects. I feel great!

By Verna H.
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Slightly difficult to swallow for me, but the product itself is an A+.

By Mabel Wolfe
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Been using for many months, ever since they wanted to put me on medication after my bone density. I never took the meds and this plus a little exercise and it improved and I don’t need medication.

By James Windler
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I can tell a big difference when I take this supplement consistently! I am much more limber when I get up in the morning and my bones don't creak nearly as loudly! And no more night time Charlie horses! I take these in addition to my multivitamin as the multi alone was not enough. I am very pleased to get so many minerals that work together in this additional supplement!

By June Harris
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Does what it says it does. That’s enough for me.

By Stephen F.
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I am 71 years old and broke my Tibia 9 weeks before a trip to Italy. My doctor told me to cancel the trip. I would never be healed enough to go. I ordered Calciven and followed the directions and was strong enough to go and totally enjoyed our trip! The first ten days I wore the boot, but was racking up over 10,000 steps everyday. I will never stop taking this!

By Rose M.
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Sorry this did'nt work for me. I got a refund.

By Sharon Doyle
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