How Calciven Works

The mineral matrix is a collection of natural compounds key to maintaining bone density. When we are young, our bodies efficiently absorb this mineral matrix from our diet. This powers our bone renewal cycle in which old, dying cells are rapidly replaced with new cells, keeping bones strong.

Bones Become Brittle with Age

How Bone Density Declines with Age

Bones become more porous with age, leaving them weaker and vulnerable to fracture.

As we grow older, our body is not able to replace dying bone cells fast enough to preserve bone density. This causes bones to become brittle, porous, and highly vulnerable to fracture. As this cycle continues unabated, physical problems may manifest, such as lower back pain, rounded posture, and height loss. But with a little help, you can restart the bone renewal cycle necessary for restoring bone density.

That's where comes in...

's unique formulation contains the key components of the mineral matrix, as well as essential vitamins that promote efficient absorption. This provides the body with the optimal environment to produce strong, healthy bone tissue. In this way, you can protect yourself from bone loss well into advanced years without completely changing your diet and lifestyle.

4 Steps to Stronger Bones

Adding Calciven to your daily routine can provide high efficiency absorption of the mineral matrix so you can protect against bone density loss.

Step 1

Add Daily

Taking Calciven each day helps you efficiently absorb the vital components of the mineral matrix.

Step 2

Faster Bone Renewal

Proper transportation of the mineral matrix into the bones speeds up the bone renewal cycle, improving bone density.

Step 3

Weight-Bearing Exercise

With newly fortified bones, you can now safely engage in beneficial weight-bearing exercise.

Step 4

Optimal Bone Strength

The combination of the mineral matrix and weight-bearing exercise provides the ideal environment to maintain optimal bone strength well into advanced years.