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Testocor (30 Day Supply)

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I've been taking Testocor for about 45 days and my results have been phenomenal. I initially began taking the supplement as a result of getting a little older and feeling a lot older than I should. I'...

By Wilford Tillman

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Sorta works. Think I'll keep taking it for now. Might as well

By Anonymous

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Great product, I started to feel the difference with having more strength & energy. And my stamina seem to have greatly improved overall. I will be reordering this product again.

By Brian P.
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I received my first bottle two weeks ago today and immediately took my first two pills. The pills went down easily with a drink. Some of the advertised benefits can be a bit subjective. I started feeling a bit more vitality really quickly -- nothing astounding, in fact, I wondered if I was feeling some kind of placebo effect and whether it would last. But as I continued taking it, I have been significantly calmer and less cranky without any effort on my part.

By Ben R.
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Very good helps a lot getting old and need the extra push to get fit and keeps me going very good item for everybody they needs to be healthy needs that extra push

By Marvin B.
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I purchased this product as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! He's recently got back into the gym and told me he needed some test pills. Upon researching and reading other reviews, I decided to purchase this product. It's been great for him, helping to push through his workouts and achieve his gains. I need to get back into the gym myself!

By Annamarie H.
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Been on the product for a couple of months now and have noticed increased energy and motivation in my workouts. I am a male in the mid 40's and was suffering from fatigue throughout the day. I can honestly say that my energy levels have been restored especially on days where I workout in the morning. I am energized all day long and no longer have that "dragging feeling". I really like and recommend this product.

By Anonymous
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Sorry. Didn't notice any difference

By Anonymous
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I'm 54, and honestly look the best I've ever been. I have been using this product for several months and have more stamina then ever. I weight train and do cardio 4-5 days a week for 2 1/2-3hrs.

By Jeff R.
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I will be 72 in January, so the product may be working a little slower than for younger people. I do notice an increase in strength in a little over a week. I do an extreme weightlifting program, and have increased the weights I train with. I have been experimenting with the numerous of pills taken : from 2 then 4 now at 3 pills a day.

By Robert Homenick
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I was a bit skeptical at first. Even after taking the pills for a week, I didn't notice much difference. By the end of the 2nd week, tho, the effects really started to kick in.

By Scott F.
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Haven't decided yet if this is right for me. I will update soon with more details as I get more experience with the product.

By Winston Fritsch
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