How Testocor Works

Androgen receptors are key actors in your endocrine system responsible for the absorption and transportation of your primary male hormones. Like a delivery network, these receptors ensure that your body uses its bioavailable hormones effectively and efficiently. This maintains energy, mood, muscle mass, and virility.

Everything Changes After 40

An MRI of quadriceps muscle mass in a man with low androgen receptor density (left) vs. high androgen receptor density (right).

When we are young, both primary male hormones and androgen receptors are present in high levels, leading to easier muscle gain and fat loss while maintaining high energy levels. However, once we reach age 40, our natural production of primary male hormones declines by 15% every decade, and our network of androgen receptors breaks down along with it. This results in diminished muscle mass, weight gain, low energy levels, and loss of virility. But with a little help, you can restore healthy androgen receptor density and boost natural hormone production so you can feel like yourself again.

That's where comes in...

's unique formulation of herbs and natural biological compounds is a comprehensive approach designed to restore healthy primary male hormone production and androgen receptor density. Rebuilding your hormone delivery network makes optimal use of your body’s primary male hormones without depressing natural production or creating dependency issues.

4 Steps to Feeling Like Yourself Again

Adding Testocor to your daily routine can help you form new good habits and lay the foundation for a newly positive lifestyle.

Step 1

Add Daily

Taking Testocor each day helps restore primary male hormone levels and androgen receptor density.

Step 2

Improved Mood and Energy Levels

Your newfound energy encourages you to engage in more rigorous physical activity and be more productive at work.

Step 3

New Healthy Habits

Higher activity levels and elevated mood promote new healthy habits, which reinforce increased production of primary male hormones and androgen receptors.

Step 4

Recapturing Your Edge

This positive feedback loop creates a competitive edge over younger counterparts in every area of your life, both personal and professional.